Become a Rainmaker and Prosper

Become a Rainmaker and Prosper


A Rainmaker is not born.  A rainmaker is made! Do you know how to woo, pursue and finally win someone’s trust and rise above all the other competition to get more business? Here are some tips from the author, Jeffrey J Fox on how to make rain may it be a drizzle, deluge, sprinkle or storm!

Always answer the question “Why should this business deal with us?” The answer must benefit their business. The answer must fit their agenda, not yours. Your aim is to solve a problem and encompass many different benefits.

Treat each customer as you would treat yourself. Do you like to be overcharged, under-served, put on endless hold, falsely promised, ignored, and not thanked? Answer the question, “What would I want if I were the customer?” The answer is what you should strive to provide! Deliver on your promise and you’ll bring rain and become a rainmaker!

The only things customers care about are themselves and their issues. You must concentrate on the customer. A Rainmaker says, “you”; they don’t say “I”.

Appointments with decision makers are crucial to getting the deal. A Rainmaker never wastes a sales meeting. They always have a pre-plan. NFL coaches spend countless hours reviewing match films in preparation for their next opponent. A pre-plan for a Rainmaker is like a pre-flight check for an airport pilot. The great pilots never miss a single checkpoint before taking off or landing. Know what you are offering and the benefits that are available for the customer inside out.

Fish where the big fish are…What is the most important thing you need when you go fishing? Most people say, “Bait, hooks, and beer.” If there are no fish you will go home empty-handed. Where you cast your line is crucial to catching fish. Speak to people who are familiar with your organisation, know what you do, and have a connection with you, therefore, you will have a higher probability of success. It’s a numbers game a bit like dating. The more people you get to know the more chance you have of finally finding that “perfect match.” Use LinkedIn to make more connections and start conversations building familiarity. It’s sometimes who knows you rather than who you know that works even better.

Midway through the deal propose another way in which you can assist. It’s a lot easier to work with a current customer who is happy and satisfied than finding a new one.

Finally, the most important part of this exercise is the “homework and relevance” piece. Understanding how you can help your customer. The way you start those conversations will be crucial and often the stakes can be very high so preparation as always is the key.

About Odile Faludi

Odile has worked in the not-for-profit, real estate and the management consultancy space for the last twelve years. She has a proven track record of opening doors of C-suite level executives in the top 200 companies in Australia.

Odile is a passionate freelance writer and a business development consultant. She is trained in "Crucial Conversations" through VitalSmarts. They have helped 300 of the Fortune 500 realise significant results using a proven method for driving rapid, sustainable, and measurable change in behaviours.

Odile runs workshops in Australia, teaching Business Development Managers, Start-up Entrepreneurs and Sales teams' how to initiate client conversations. The aim is to widen their business network. Request a course outline at or call +61 425 250 677. Program available via SKYPE. Check out 

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