Cold Calling Tip 9

Cold Calling Tip 9

Odile Faludi Cold Calling Tip 9 Pushing The Right Buttons


Welcome Back, my name is Odile Faludi, I’m a Cold Calling and Starting Customer Conversations Specialist. Each week I’ve been giving away my tips that have taken me 13 years to learn and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Please enjoy Cold Calling Tip 9.

Myth 9: Those who are top of their game no longer need to be cold calling.

This week the cold calling myth that I want to unpack is the one that says: Those who are top of their game no longer need to be cold Calling. This is often when I come across working with real estate agents who say they have been in the business 5-10 years they say look Odile for the first three years I had to be cold calling 100-200 prospects per week hoping to get appraisals but now that I have been doing it for five years I don’t have to do that anymore.

So the truth of the matter is that once you have done the hard yards of building a reputation in the marketplace the reverse starts to happen – you get incoming calls.

It is known as the fruits of your cold calling labour.

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