Cold Calling Tips 6 of 10

Cold Calling Tips 6 of 10

Cold Calling Tips 6 of 10

Hi, I’m Odile Faludi and I’m a Starting Customer Conversations Specialist. It’s sort of the modern twist on cold calling.

Enjoy my cold calling tips 6!

It’s the modern twist on cold calling but I absolutely hate cold calling but I love the phone. Love it! Why? Because you can connect instantly with the person you want to speak with. Okay, so there are a lot of myths surrounding cold calling. Cold calling myth No 6: People hate receiving Cold Calls. We'll that’s easy. TRUE. Most people don’t look forward to receiving a call from a complete stranger but if the caller has something of value to share most often the listener will say, Gee thank you for calling that was really great. You can’t possibly know every single person you need to call in business. After all, there are seven billion people in this world eventually you are going to need to pick up one of these (the phone) and you are going to have to dial a number to someone you don’t know but you can do it especially when you know the right cold calling tips and techniques to use. You just gotta have the right mindset and

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