Good Cold Calling Tip #5

Good Cold Calling Tip #5

Good Cold Calling Tip # Five - makes a good cold caller!

The myth that is commonly thrown around is that the most successful Cold Callers are born, not made.

Cold Calling TipMy good cold calling tip 5 is:

I think it is false.

Enjoy my cold calling tips!

A good cold caller has natural attributes I don’t think anyone can dispute that. They know how to maximise their personality, they amplify and switch on their great traits, their communication traits and they know how to engage but in saying that anyone can learn the fine art of starting customer conversations. It’s no different to an elite athlete. It requires enormous amount of practice and continual coaching, but with daily practice you will get better. So please don’t give up and you will reap the benefits.  

If you would like more of my really good cold calling tips:

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