Odile Faludi Cold Calling Tip One of Ten

Odile Faludi Cold Calling Tip One of Ten

Cold Calling Tip One of Ten | Starting Conversations

Hi, I’m Odile Faludi and I’m a Starting Customer Conversations Specialist. It’s sort of the modern twist on cold calling.

I hate cold calling.

Enjoy my cold calling tips!

You are really Starting a Customer Conversation and once you have that mindset you are ready to go.

There’s a lot of myths around cold calling and so I thought we would just demystify it. I have 10 cold calling tips for you but today I am going to share with you the most important one. Cold calling is not a numbers game. Anyone who is told to ring 100 random people per day with the hope of finding business is kidding themselves.

The callers who are getting really great results are not calling large numbers of people.

In fact, clever salespeople are creating well targeted lead generation lists and calling prospects who they believe are a good fit for their business.

With correct professional training Business Development Managers, sales teams, sales entrepreneurs, Start-ups and anyone who wants more business can learn the fine art of starting a customer conversation.

Research suggests with only four new appointments per week over a year that can equate to 83 new customers.

That’s certainly something to smile about!

If you would like more of my cold calling tips:

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See you soon!

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