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'The fact of the matter is that your phone is what’s going to get you into profitability the fastest…once you know which…BUTTONS TO PUSH.'

- Odile Faludi, Kick Starting Conversations Specialist

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Key Benefit of Workshopping With Odile Faludi

1) Kick starting Conversations Workshop With Odile Faludi

  • What is the greatest constraint of any business?… getting new business.
  • Relying purely on your existing customer base will not build a business. The sales net must be thrown much wider.
  • Regardless of what type of business you are in, you need proven systems to continually reach new prospects. That’s where I come in!
  • While working with me, you will learn the art and science of getting and keeping new customers.

3) Who Should Attend

Unless you meet at least one of the following conditions mentioned below it will probably be a waste of the few minutes it takes to read the rest of this announcement.

2) Key Benefit



  • I help you open not only the door of your prospects but their mind resulting in more happy customers for you!
  • While working with me, you will learn the art and science of Kick Starting Conversations with new customers.



4) Why Odile?

Odile’s competitive edge is that she practices what she preaches. Week in week out!

I help you open not only the door of your prospects but their mind resulting in more happy customers for you!

Look at Odile’s course outline below and discover her proven methods for success

  1. Clear understanding of the process of Kick Starting Conversations on the phone and face-to-face.
  2. The ability to fill your calendar with appointments resulting in more customers.
  3. Confidence to initiate client conversations with cold and warm prospects.
  4. 14 essential attributes that one must have to become a better communicator.
  5. The secrets of emotional intelligence and how it impacts on yourself and others.
  6. Three key techniques to master crucial conversations face-to-face or over the phone.
  7. Three proven techniques that rebuild safety when respect is violated during conversation.
  8. Two guaranteed ways of making conversation ‘safe’ when a client becomes defensive.
  9. Brainstorming session on avenues for lead generation to ignite your business.
  10. 30 tested tips for Kick Starting Conversations with cold and warm prospects.

Understanding your own personal feelings and learning to deal with them

  • Facing fears, rejection and moving on.
  • What are the traits of a great communicator and how to develop them?
  • Are gatekeepers your ally or foe?
  • What to do when a casual conversation turns to a crucial conversation and the stakes are high?
    1. Doing your homework prior to the call – where do ‘quality’ leads come from?
    2. The power of LinkedIn for lead generation and ‘warm calling’.
    3. Research – Finding out about the prospect you are seeking to speak with.
    4. Build your database as a representation of the wider marketplace.
    5. Prepare a script – demonstrate your capability as a caller.
    6. Make a date for a meeting with a commercial agenda in mind.
    7. Follow up – how to communicate periodically with individuals on your database.
    8. Now let’s practice – role playing.

What are the steps to successfully make a call to someone you don’t know for the sole purpose of getting that sales appointment

Who benefits most from Odile Faludi's
"Kick Starting Conversations Workshop"?

  • You own a reasonably (or very) successful business but are convinced it could still do more towards providing for your families lasting legacy.
  • You are an Entrepreneur and you see your competitors catching up (or worse) passing you, and it’s getting harder and harder to make a dollar.
  • You are a Real Estate Sales Agent who wants to keep hold onto that top spot, and to keep those new comers who want a fast start with listings and sales at bay.
  • You are a Sales and Marketing Professional in your company whose job security is only as good as your last success.
  • You own or run a small to mid-sized business and you are not getting as much business as you want.
  • You don’t want to keep paying an arm and a leg for someone to do your sales prospects lead generation.
  • You are Recruitment consultants – looking for candidates to fill positions as well as build your clients network.
  • You are a Business Development Manager, or Entrepreneur trying to reach C-suite level executives of the top 200 companies in Australia and New Zealand or further abroad.
  • You are a Not-for-profit organisation needing to get sponsorship’s and large donations.

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Cold Calling Success Formula with Odile Faludi


Tuesday 23rd January 2018

9.00am to 4.00pm

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Sydney, Australia

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* Special Note: Attendants who are recruitment consultants or real estate agents will qualify for 4cpd points in New South Wales.

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Why invest in Odile Faludi

  • Start crucial conversations

    Odile is an expert on practical ways to connect and start crucial conversations via making cold calls. Whether it be with clients in business, or in areas of your personal life. I was able to take away key points that I put into practice immediately. I have been to many sales and management coaching seminars and although I have enjoyed Continue Reading

    Tiffany Cooney, Corporate Sales Manager, BMW Sydney
    Read more
  • New business over $1,000,000

    Yesterday you proved to my staff that effort can result in rewards. Just one day of making solid cold calls via telephone to new prospects and previous clients has resulted in potential new business of over $1,000,000. I'm hopeful that the sales team will continue on with what you have taught them and that it will result in increased sales Continue Reading

    David Kugel, Managing Director & Owner Network Printing Studios
    Read more
  • At the top of your game

    Thank you for a valuable day learning how to make better cold calls. I gained new insights, was reminded of forgotten gems and left with clear actionable goals along with the tools to achieve them. You are at the top of your game!

    Jasmin Romic, CEO, Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2015 Finalist
    Read more
  • The transformation started almost overnight!

    Six months ago I hated making cold calls. I never got any positive responses, a miserable number of leads despite hundreds of calls, and to be honest, I felt pretty miserable doing that work and it showed in my calls! After seeing Odile, the transformation started almost overnight! Within a month of practising everything she has taught me, she has Continue Reading

    Ben Clarence, Business Development Officer, Ray White Corporate South Australia
    Read more
  • This has been one of the best [training sessions]

    I have attended many training sessions over my career but I will say this has been one of the best. I loved it so much that I will be calling Odile in a year to do it again. 10/10.

    Nicholas McEvoy, Director & Property Specialist
    Read more

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