We had Odile as guest speaker during our sales meeting in October 2017 for a full day. Being a salesman in an industrial environment means talking conveyor/buffer/sortation system as well as trade machinery – so I was curious how Odile would handle this different audience compared to a group of real estate agents.

I am happy to say, the day exceeded my expectations by far – basically for three reasons:

    1. Odile’s style, an excellent mix of having fun and transferring knowledge & science at the same time.
    2. Several techniques & the structure of a call, I am now implementing in my daily business life.
    3. It motivated me! This is priceless – I am actually enjoying more than ever taking the phone and doing what it’s designed for: talking to people.
Stefan Raphael Mahler, Managing Director @ WRH Global Australia Pty Ltd

Odile is an expert on practical ways to connect and start crucial conversations via making cold calls. Whether it be with clients in business, or in areas of your personal life.

I was able to take away key points that I put into practice immediately.

I have been to many sales and management coaching seminars and although I have enjoyed all the training I have undertaken previously, never before had I written an Action Plan during the course that I was truly excited to put into practice straight away.

Thank you for sharing your experiences to improve the way I do business, I can highly recommend Odile and her training techniques.

Tiffany Cooney, Corporate Sales Manager, BMW Sydney

Yesterday you proved to my staff that effort can result in rewards. Just one day of making solid cold calls via telephone to new prospects and previous clients has resulted in potential new business of over $1,000,000.

I'm hopeful that the sales team will continue on with what you have taught them and that it will result in increased sales and profits for Network Printing Studios.

To say that I was surprised and impressed by the results is an understatement!

Thank you.

David Kugel, Managing Director & Owner Network Printing Studios

Thank you for a valuable day learning how to make better cold calls.

I gained new insights, was reminded of forgotten gems and left with clear actionable goals along with the tools to achieve them.

You are at the top of your game!

Jasmin Romic, CEO, Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2015 Finalist

Six months ago I hated making cold calls. I never got any positive responses, a miserable number of leads despite hundreds of calls, and to be honest, I felt pretty miserable doing that work and it showed in my calls!

After seeing Odile, the transformation started almost overnight! Within a month of practising everything she has taught me, she has changed not only how I make calls, but how I think about those conversations before, during and after!

My "hit-rate" or lead generation has gone from a measly 10-20% success rate (on a very good day) to 90-95% (on an AVERAGE day!)

I can't wait to get along to her next session, and highly recommend anybody in any job, whether you make cold-calls, hold face to face meetings, or even only use email, to get along to one of her sessions. You will pickup minimum 10 new tips, tricks and strategies to implement right away.

Ben Clarence, Business Development Officer, Ray White Corporate South Australia

I have attended many training sessions over my career but I will say this has been one of the best.

I loved it so much that I will be calling Odile in a year to do it again. 10/10.

Nicholas McEvoy, Director & Property Specialist, BresicWhitney

There are not enough superlatives to describe how beneficial Odile's workshop is. It is engaging and insightful, it has opened my eyes to a whole new world of generating conversations for Axford Auctions.

Odile's presenting skills make it easy to understand and she will always answer questions as you work your way through it.

I highly recommend this program to any serious business professional.

Leon Axford, Finalist REB Australian Auctioneer of the Year 2016

I found Odile to be intuitive and forthright which I greatly appreciate.

She has definitely helped me improve my performance and as such confidently recommend her services.

Michael Jackson, Real Estate Agent, People 'buy' Michael's Enthusiasm, Drive & Positive Energy

Odile Faludi is highly recommended for her Starting Customer Conversations workshop. The workshop is excellent - well prepared, memorable stories, fun YouTube clips, role play and take-outs.

The workshop demonstrated how easy it is for all team members to start customer conversations to drive business development.

David Levi, Insolvency Specialist, Director at Levi Consulting Pty Ltd

Odile has a fabulous knack for connecting with people combined with a natural interest in helping others achieve their goals which makes her a great conduit for starting new business relationships that flourish to real win-win outcomes.

A real talent for creating new business!

Maya Saric, Recruiting Staff who can Sell | Sales IQ System,SIP

Starting a customer conversation with Odile is a must for anyone in sales.

I found it to be very informative and found Odile's approach refreshing.

Thank you Odile, I will be definitely implementing what I have learnt into my business.

Jeremy Clinton, Associate Director, Raine & Horne Double Bay

Odile has a unique talent and capability to make cold calls using the telephone. Her professionalism, her warmth and her conviction come through during her calls and allow her to make immediate contact with her customer.

Lewis Folb, Business strategist, sales coach

I had the pleasure of recently hearing Odile Faludi speak on personal branding and how to get more sales appointments and I found her to be very interesting, informative and inspiring.

Victoria Morish, Senior Sales Executive/Licensed Real Estate Agent, Di Jones Real Estate

Odile is passionate, engaging and her advice is practical. I enjoyed learning from her in a non-threatening environment. Her course is invaluable!

Marianna Tuccia, Legal Professional Recruitment Consultant, empire group

Odile is a consummate professional oozing passion & drive. What Odile does not know about cold calling - Starting Customer Conversations - isn't worth knowing.

Despite my love of online communications I appreciate the need to mix your marketing to begin the sales process with prospects.

For tips, tricks, in depth knowledge & a tried & tested method to Starting Customer Conversations your best starting point is with Odile.

It was my great pleasure to interview Odile on my radio show on the Linked Local Network - it was a pleasure.

Thanks for spreading your enthusiasm, knowledge and joy Odile.

Keep those conversations coming!

Ivor Kellock, Business Futurist | Change Champion | Connector | R&D Tax Credits | Capital Allowance Commercial Property | 21st Century

Odile is a brilliant presenter, communicator and business coach with years of experience!

She is extremely passionate about what she does – and it is infectious. Odile brings business development back to basics. Her presentation style is open and very inviting to questions, very engaging, and very thorough.

With Odile’s training program I gained the confidence to pick up the phone, understand the process and know what to say, connect in a positive way “without sales-talk” and get a positive response back in securing a meeting.

It is a WIN/WIN!

The value to the business was immediate and it has added several new clients to our portfolio. If you have business development needs and want to open the door to new clients – Odile is the person!

Janiene Ayre, Account Manager, Gippsland Radio 3GG

Odile knows how to pick up the phone and start a conversation! She is an expert at getting results the old fashioned way - making phone calls. I am excited to welcome an expert like Odile to join the Voxy Lady Speaker Bureau as I know that she will be able to assist our clients to get the results they want.

Deb Carr, Editor & Publisher Sydney Chic Lifestyle Blog,Social Media Influencer, NSW Manager,3W Social Media

I have just completed Odile's training in Kickstarting Client Conversations.

This is a one day intensive course in how to find and connect with new business prospects in a genuine and meaningful way. I have been asking myself the question of how I can best reach out to my potential clients instead of just waiting for them to find me.

This is the answer to that question. I am now armed with a complete strategy, the core skills and, most importantly, the confidence I need to reach out to my market and grow my business.

Andrew Clark, Business & Logistics Consultant.

Odile, has a great style to connect with all types of personalities. She is the most talented and inspiring woman who just knows her stuff.

Daniel Baran, Director, The Agency

Odile Faludi recently gave me a one-on-one private coaching session. It proved to me that cold calling is not a numbers game.

With the right mindset, dialogue and listening techniques you don't need to call hundreds of prospects per day to achieve good results. Quality calls will always trump quantity.

It reconfirmed what I always believed and want to do in my day to day work. It gave me practical ideas on how to overcome my fears and took me to the next level of being an even more successful business development manager.

David Flannery, Delegate Aquisition (Conference and Training Division APAC), Marcus Evans Group

I attended Ensembles Workshop "Starting Customer Conversations" run by Odile. Odile really helped me get over my cold calling fear and her ongoing support (post the class) has been a great help.

Nobody likes cold calling (especially me) but Odile definitely helped me get over my fear and on the phone.

Josh Golombick, Co-Founder, capitalU

In the constant search for new clients in sales and marketing the famous “I Buy My Straw Hats in the Fall” line can prove to be very profitable.

When Bernard Baruch, the legendary investor and advisor to Presidents was asked the secret to his success he made the now very famous statement “I Buy My Straw Hats in the Fall”.

Odile Faludi has turned teaching cold calling techniques for profitable lead generation and new clients into a fine art. I recommend you speak with her without delay.

Combine your LinkedIn profile with a great company page, a well SEO’d, well designed website, with Odile’s Starting Conversation new client ideas and our sales solutions and there you have it!

More sales at better margins!

He had a purpose behind the comment other than buying at the season end retail sales, and many interpreted it as meaning “Do the opposite to what the crowd are doing”.

When I first met Odile Faludi and discovered her interest and expertise lay in Starting Client Conversations using the old methods of Cold Calling with a new fresh highly targeted, highly focused twist she really captured my attention and the famous old quote kept coming back into my mind. So much so that I have now given Odile and her Starting Client Conversations program its own dedicated page on our website. http://www.salesdrive.com.au/cold-calling-odile-faludi/

Right now the crowd all seem to be blindly and hopefully wrapped up marketing with the new digital age methods which might yet turn out to be all HYPE and full of people looking for free stuff– whilst canny sales people and sales managers who “Buy their straw hats in the fall” are making fortunes from cold calling in a far less crowded space.

Any top Sales Director would recognize the folly of ignoring telemarketing altogether, a person who has never been successful in sales before might believe that you can eliminate the cold call from the sales and marketing mix but compared to cold calling the internet is still a bit of the old wild west when it comes to guaranteed solutions.

No doubt one day it will happen.

Phil Polson, Author and Internet Marketing Partner, Proven Online Profit Process

Odile is passionate about passing on a decade of experience in starting conversations with business prospects.

Her advice is directed and practical. She makes the learning experience fun although there is an underlying sincerity that keeps the group focused.

Jonathan Glass, Owner, SolveXia

I found Odile to be innovative with her approach; the content of her workshop was fresh and no doubt will be very helpful to my business moving forward.

Jeremy Wiesner, Director, Richardson & Wrench Bondi Junction

If you are looking for a specialist to develop your teams’ client engagement skills and salesmanship, then look no further.

Odile has shared her skills and knowledge with our team in a way that was tailored to their experience and increased their self-belief, resulting in many "light bulb" moments for us all.

Her delivery style is professional and motivating enabling her to engage with all participants.

Matthew McArthur, CEO, McArthur

I found Odile's Starting Customer Conversations programme very helpful.

She provided invaluable input into how I conduct my initial conversations and I have noticed a marked improvement in effectiveness and results. I recommend Odile's program to anyone who wants to be more effective in generating new sales meetings. Very practical, implementable tailored advice.

Nigel Hart, Hart Financial Solutions, Head of Advisory Services/Director

Odile's one day workshop on "Starting Customer Conversations" is a must for anyone in sales looking to get more appointments and grow their pipeline. Highly recommended.

Peter Rosenfeldt, Sciforma Corporation

Odile definitely knows her stuff!

I highly recommend anyone that wants to feel more comfortable reaching out and starting conversations, either on the phone or in person, to take this course. This course covers a number of topics that I did not expect it to, and we were given great feedback by Odile on how we can be most effective in a variety of ways.

You will not be sorry that you invest your money, and more importantly, your time in this course.

Maurya Rieder, Sciforma Corporation

Odile has assisted me with business coaching and worked to help me take my business to the next level.

Odile's commitment and direct approach to client management and business development has motivated me to make some exciting changes in my research business and I'm now looking ahead to 2014 with excitement.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further detail or references.

Karen Felder, Executive Search Research, Market Mapping, Research Training

I recently engaged Odile to spend a day training my team. The feedback from the day was great. I would highly recommend Odile.

Andrew McCulloch, Head of Network Development

I had the pleasure of learning from Odile a few weeks ago. It was very interesting learning her perspectives on everyday conversations.

Her Workshop on Starting Customer Conversations was very insightful and a great experience.

If you get the chance I highly recommend her workshop. I am not in the habit of giving testimonials but this is well deserved.

Josh Cuttriss, Vic Job Site Solutions at Milwaukee Electric Tool

If you want to learn how to get in front of C-Level execs you don't know from a bar of soap and start a relationship for the sole purpose of doing business, Odile can show you how.

Helen Lowy, Helen Lowy Consulting

Odile's knowledge, content, approach and delivery to opening client conversations is second to none. Throughout the entire training day I felt engaged and connected with Odile's training program.

Odile has a lovely, warm, authentic and knowledgeable approach to her work which was a breath of fresh air compared to my past experience of trainers and training days.

Anyone wanting to freshen up or take their business to the next level needs to invest in Odile Faludi and learn from a master.

Peter Grayson, Sales Specialist

I recently had conducted a training session after attending Odile's 'Kick Start Client Conversation ' workshop. The whole communication experience was transformed for me.

While I was preparing and delivering the material, I could hear Odile's voice in my head saying ‘be relevant’, ‘speak with authority’, ‘peak their curiosity’. I indeed put a lot of effort in the preparation.

But it wouldn’t be this effective without Odile's training and help. It has been tremendously helpful.

Hao Zhang, Ensemble Consulting Group

In a brief well-structured morning Odile cut to the heart of cold calling. Indeed the concepts of scripting and KNOWING your subject and the passion in your heart is critical to all selling.

If you don't believe in what you are doing how can you get someone to want to BUY from you?

Rather than you sell to them. I cannot wait to bring along some of my staff and other directors.

Andrew Skinner, Managing Director

I recently had a one on one coaching session with Odile.

She was very well prepared for our session and provided very practical advice for not only cold calling, but also for applying the information in general for successful conversations.

For any business wanting to improve their sales success, I would recommend her training for your business development team.

I was able to apply the learnings immediately and could see where I could improve instantly. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Odile for one on one coaching or for team training.

Natalie Cook, Knox Grammar School

I would highly recommend Odile's Starting Customer Conversations Course.

Not only did Odile provide great insight & knowledge in the field of acquiring new business through cold calling she was able to draw on her own personal & business experiences to help me custom design greater prospecting dialogue to implement into my business.

Odile was very personable throughout the whole course and I never felt uncomfortable at any time when asking questions or when I required her assistance. In addition, to this Odile's follow up was impeccable & always followed up with any commitment she made with me.

As an ambitious agent at McGrath Estate Agents, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to better their prospecting and dialogue skills.

Thomas Heath, McGrath Estate Agents

It is a pleasure to recommend Odile.

I attended Odile's "Starting Customer Conversations" workshop in Melbourne last year and derived immediate benefit. I think most of us recognise that we would bring in more business if we just picked up the phone more often, but two things hold us back - procrastination and poor technique which leads to fear of rejection.Odile adeptly tackles both these issues.

Since taking that course, Odile has partnered with our company to help some of our customers with starting their customer conversations.

Mike Adams, Director at Growth In Focus, Sales Management Specialist, Sales Coach, Sales Trainer, Event Facilitator

I've just experienced great satisfaction and motivation through Odile Faludi's personalised and concise coaching in 'Starting Customer Conversations.'

Odile's professionalism is exemplary and her explicit process has already helped elevate my business results. It's my pleasure to recommend you Odile.

Karelynne Randall, Results Specialist


Ever wondered what to say when you've psyched yourself up to make 'that' call... It's much easier than you might think...

Odile shows how you can open doors and minds!

Paul Sharman, Independent Director/Managing Partner/Retail management/Business Strategy


When I first met Odile, I was lacking the confidence to approach cold calls. Now as a consequence of taking part in Odile’s lesson’s my confidence has increased and now I am getting into multi-million dollar doors and can call anybody as long as the number is not disconnected. Great news for Ray White Double Bay. I don't often give testimonials but I felt compelled to do this one.

Gus Kugel, Sales Assistant to Warren Ginsberg

Odile is the master of getting appointments.

Having completed Odile’s training and coaching, I am now so much more confident at getting appointments with targeted clients. Having put in practice what Odile teaches, I’ve already seen fantastic results and a complete turnaround in the number of meetings per calls made.

I can’t recommend Odile’s training enough! Anyone in a sales role will benefit from Odile’s training.

No matter how good you are now at getting appointments, you will be better if you follow Odile’s approach.

David Black, Growth in Focus Pty Ltd

This is the perfect course for those who need to improve their prospecting calls. I know this because I had the fortunate opportunity to attend Odile's 'Starting Customer Conversations' program today and came away with greater confidence and a new approach to picking up the phone to make the once dreaded 'cold call'.

Odile is a wonderful facilitator. She shared her own business experiences to demonstrate how important it is to plan, and customise each sales dialogue so that a real connection is made with the prospective customer.

The great thing is, these skills can be used anywhere at any time with anyone. Highly recommended.

Evelyn Lundström AICI CIP, Personal Brand Coach & Stylist

Without question, Odile is an expert in her field.

Her passion and enthusiasm to help others reach their full potential are infectious and she has a real ability to help kick start a conversation with new customers. 

Shelley Horton, Director, Buyers Agent

I am often asked to give testimonials and this gives me great pleasure. Odile is living proof that if you apply yourself to something that you really love doing, then, in her words, "the sky's the limit".

Having the privilege to create a space for Odile within the Ensemble Consulting Group to grow into her future of highest potential has left me agog at the girl's ability to take the proverbial bull by the horns and create something out of nothing.

I am a huge fan of her courage, authenticity, and warmth, and love her ability to influence any situation through her radiant and attractive energy. And she's got the nouse!

I look forward to many more years of working with Odile, in any of the capacities in which she would have me play a part.

David Hoades, https://ensembleconsultinggroup.com/

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