Top 10 Cold Calling Myths Debunked!

Top 10 Cold Calling Myths Debunked!

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There are so many fabrications around Cold Calling ... which I hate ... so let's clarify them now. Here are my top 10 Cold Calling Myths Debunked.

First of all, let’s not regard it as Cold Calling rather Starting a Customer Conversation. When you open a conversation with that mindset, the conversation flows differently.

You have your mobile phone with you 24/7 - it's an investment paid for - what return are you getting on your investment?

There are so many myths around Starting Customer Conversations it’s now time to clarify them.

Myth #1: Cold Calling is a Numbers Game

Fact: False. The callers who are getting great results are not calling large numbers of people. In fact, clever salespeople are creating well-targeted lead generation lists and calling prospects who they believe are a good fit for their business. With correct professional training Business Development Managers, Start-up entrepreneurs and anyone with lead generation strategies can achieve four new sales appointments from calling ten qualified leads. Research suggests having four new sales appointments each week over a year can potentially reap 83 new customers per year. That’s certainly something to smile about!

Myth#2: Cold Calling is Dead - so why are you reading this?

Fact: False. Due to the large reliance upon social media as lead generation, a lot of people have stopped cold calling. Those who are still in the habit of making 20-30 calls per day are getting much faster results in getting sales appointments and connecting with the “right” prospects immediately.

Myth#3: People who are introverted cannot Cold Call

Fact: False. Generally speaking, people who are introverted are great listeners. The salespeople who speak too much generally kill the conversation a few words after saying, “Hello.” They simply don’t shut up and are slow to get to the point of their call. Introverted people tend to be very thoughtful in their approach. They are usually well received when initiating a client conversation.

Myth#4 The most successful Cold Callers are born, not made

Fact: False. A good cold caller has natural attributes that aid them in building rapport when starting conversations. But like anything it is practice and the more you do it the more you get better at it. It requires professional coaching and then daily practice to maintain your level of confidence and expertise in communicating effectively.

Myth#5 People hate receiving Cold Calls

Fact: True. Most people don’t look forward to receiving a call from a stranger but if the caller has something of value to share with you most often you thank them for calling you. You can’t possibly know everyone in this world and at some stage, you will need to call someone you don’t know for the sole purpose of doing business. When you present yourself in a genuine thought-provoking manner your call is repeatedly positively received. This applies to sales via door knocking and telemarketers.

Myth#6 Gatekeepers are your foes

Fact: False. In most cases, gatekeepers are your greatest ally. They manage the calendar of the person you are trying to reach. In the first instance, if you build a relationship with them you will eventually gain access to your prospect. Don’t underestimate the influence the gatekeeper has on your potential client. Treat them like gold with the respect they truly deserve.

Myth#7 Saying How are you? is a good opening line to initiate a client conversation

Fact: False. Saying How are you? is an insincere way to start a conversation with a stranger. You don’t even know them why would you care how they are. It also is a tell-tale sign you are a cold caller. A much more powerful way to start a conversation is to first check you are speaking with the right person. In the case of the gatekeeper scenario, you would say, “I wonder if you could help me please?” This will assist you in getting the information you need, such as the name of the right person to speak with.

Myth#8 You can build a business alone just on Cold Calling

Fact: False. Cold calling is part of your sales repertoire but it would be foolish to rely solely upon one avenue for generating sales. You need to mix your marketing to begin the sales process with prospects. Combine your LinkedIn profile with a great company page, a well SEO 'd, clever designed website and social media lead generation. Armed with lead generation strategies then call on average 20-30 targeted leads per day and you should have your prospecting well covered. Spend 20% of your time focusing on managing your business and 80% on 1. lead generation 2. ensuring existing customer satisfaction and 3. enrolling new and existing clients to continually build your business.

Myth#9 Those who are top of their game no longer need to Cold Call

Fact: True. It goes back to point #8. Once you have done the hard yards of building a reputation in the marketplace the reverse starts to happen you get more incoming calls than you need to make outgoing calls. It is known as the fruits of your labour.

Myth#10 Cold Calling can make or break your business

Fact: True. It is the one element in your sales tool kit that most businesses do not exploit and is very much a sales constraint. Due to the lack of competency people have in regard to starting client conversations. Those who have mastered the art of communicating are getting more sales appointments which are generating more sales. Without conversations, there are no sales. Therefore, starting client conversations is crucial to building a successful sound business.

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